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Softpro Training offers best PHP Training in Lucknow with most experienced professionals. Our team of PHP trainers offers Classroom training & PHP Online Training services.

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PHP with CI/ Laravel Framework provides Web Application Development like no other technology, it is much more advanced, dynamic and an opportunistic approach in the field of Web Development. We train the students basic to advanced web applications design and development with CI/Laravel Framework.

You will Learn:
PHP Programming, OOP's Concept, PHP Installation, Database Connectivity with MySQL, Web Designing, Web Hosting etc.

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Php Training Includes:

PHP Language

Database Connectivity

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Laravel Framework

Web Hosting

Live Projects

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  Course Curriculum

Introduction to Web Applications(Pre -Requisites)
Software Types – Web, Desktop, and Mobile Applications
Web applications and Web Server
Web Server role, about IIS and APACHE
Web Browsers, Web Support Languages
Understanding http, TCP
Role of HTML
What is Scripting & It’s Importance
Client –Side and Server-Side Scripting
Introduction of PHP
History of PHP
Versions and Difference between them
Features of PHP
Installation and configuring Apache and PHP
PHP Basics
PHP syntax
Styles of PHP Tags
Comments in PHP
Output functions in PHP
Data Types in PHP
Configurations setting
Error Types
Variables in PHP
Variables Declaration
Types of variables
Variable scope
PHP Superglobal variables
Constants in PHP
Magic Constants
Standard pre-defined Constants
User-defined Constants

Logical Operators
Error Suppression
Increment & Decrement operators.

Execution Control Statement
Conditional Statements
Looping statements with Real Time Examples

Creating Functions
Types of Functions
Passing Arguments by Value
Passing Arguments by Reference
Some pre-defined functions

Include(), Include_once() Require(), Require_once()

What is an Array
Types of arrays
How to create an array
Array Functions
Introduction to string
Creating and Working with String
Introduction of String Function
Working with string functions

Classes, Objects
Fields, Properties, Constants, Method
Inheritance and Types
Constructor and Destructor
Static Members and Instance Member, Helper Function

Introduction to Session
Starting a Session
Working with Session variables
Destroying session

Upload a file from a form
Make a target Folder
Store the file into targeted folder
File Downloading

PHP MySQL Introduction
PHP MySQL Connect
PHP MySQL Create Database
PHP MySQL Create Table
PHP MySQL Insert
PHP MySQL Prepared
PHP MySQL Last Inserted ID
PHP MySQL Select
PHP MySQL Order By
PHP MySQL Update
PHP MySQL Delete
PHP MySQL CRUD Application

1. WORDPRESS Introduction to Word press
Word press installation
Working with post
Working with appearance user
Working with plugins in Word press website
Using external plugin in word press website
Working with widgets in Word press
Converting Html
template to Word press theme
CRUD operation using
database in Word press
Creating user defined
plugins in Word press
Creating user defined widgets in Word press.


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