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Softpro Training is a training company which provides vocational training as well as .NET Training in Lucknow with emphasis on technical . We also provides internship opportunities to fresh graduates and those who want to pursue their career in development. Softpro Training provides vocational training in .NET design to help the student’s transition from academic learning to professional learning. Softpro Training is the best .NET training center in Lucknow which provides training in every domain of engineering. Softpro's .Net with MVC Course is designed to give students the knowledge on one of the topmost technologies of the world. .Net has been around since years and will continue to do so in near future, hence having skills on this tehnology along with MVC will not only make the students skilled but also high-level experts.

You will Learn:
C# Programming Langauge, ASP.Net,Database Connectivity with ADO.Net, Database Connectivity with Entity Framework, Concept of .dll File etc.

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Training Includes:

C# Language

Database Connectivity

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Entity Framework

Web Hosting

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  Course Curriculum

What is .Net?
Need Of Framework
Version of Framework
Introduction of CLR
CLR Architecture
Just In Time(JIT)Compiler
Microsoft Intermediate Language(MSIL)
Understanding MSIL with ILDASM
CommonLanguage Infrastructure (CLI)
Application Domain
Framework Class Libraries(FCL)
Portable Class Library
Types of Applications in .Net
Data Types in C#
CTS Type
Nullable Types in C#
Operators in C#
Conversion Types
Implicit Conversion
Explicit Conversion
Decision Controls in C#
Work with if, if-else, nested if-else, if-else ladder.
Work with switch
Iterations in C#
Work with while, for, foreach, and do-while with programs

Types of array in C#
Declaration and Initialization
Examples of Array
Use of functions and Properties of Array class
String Manipulation in C#
Use of built-in functions of string class.
For Example
ToUpper(),ToLower(),Replace(),IndexOf() etc,
Working with DateTime

Static and non static function
Object oriented Programming concept
Importance of OOP
Pillars of OOP
Class and Object
Concept of Constructor
Use of array of objects

Importance of Inheritance in Project
Types of Inheritance supported in C#
Interface exposed
Function Overloading
Function Overriding

Creation of user derived namespace
Creation of .dll file
Exception handling in C#
Importance of Exception handling
Types of exception in C#
Creation of user defined Exception

Examples of Multithreading Concept of Interface Abstract Class Difference between Class, Interface and Abstract Class Real Time use of Interface


A tour of Visual Studio 2012 IDE
Work With Common Controls
TextBox, Label, ComboBox, PictureBox,DateTimePicker, MonthCalender
Button, ListBox, ToolTip, CheckBox,RadioButton, OpenFileDialog etc.
Web Architecture
An overview of ASP.Net Controls
Client Side and Server Side Controls.
Work with navigation controls
Query strings
Application state
Session state
Use of File Upload
Upload the File on server (Also validate the file type, file size).
Download the File From Server

Use of Classes
Use of ADO.Net with Web Application
Development of WorkInfo Module
Work with GridView Control

Use the suitable validation controls on WorkInfo Module

View state
Control state
Hidden fields

Importance of Master Page
Use of CSS on Master Page
Development of Layout on master page.
Development of menu and slider.

What is MVC
Benefits of using MVC over Asp.net
Life Cycle of MVC
What is New in MVC 5.0
Understanding Templates of MVC Projects in Visual Studio
Structure of MVC Projects in Visual Studio
Understanding Routs and Urls
Routing Compared to URL Rewriting
How Routing Engine work in MVC.
How Default Route work.
Defining Routes

Defining the Controller
The Controller Class and Actions
Action Methods and its parameters
Specifying a View
Strongly Typed Views
Working with Partial Views
Understanding the Viewstart File
Using HTML Helper Methods
HtmlHelper Class and Extension Methods
Differnece between Viewbag and Viewdata
Pass Data from Controller to View.


Softpro’s .NET with MVC Professional Certificate


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