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Python with Data Science Certification Training

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Softpro's Python with Data Science is an advance level coure which aims at imparting knowledge to the trainees in the field of Data Science. The students become skilled in using Python Programming to implement Data Science and process information from the fields of analytical, mathematical and business logic.

You will Learn:
Python Basics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, Collection Types, Data Visualization, etc.

5/5 Ratings
1,100 trainees
from 250+ Colleges

Industry standard projects
and assignments

Curriculum by experts
Designed by top professionals with 10+ years of experience

Training Includes:

Python Programming

Database Connectivity

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Web Hosting

Data Analysis

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  Course Curriculum

Python Introduction
Python use cases
Features of Python
Versions of Python
Python distributions
Installation of Python
Setting path for Python
Python Command line shell, Editors and IDE’s
Running Python Script on Windows/Linux
Data types
Static data types vs. Dynamic data types
Fundamental Data types
Collection Types
Number systems
Mutable objects vs. Immutable objects
Naming Conventions
Print(), Type() and Id() functions
Input() and raw_input() functions
Type Conversion functions

String Handling
What is string
String-quoted string literals
Triple-quoted string literals
String Indexing
String Slicing
Working with string functions

Elements of flow control
Conditional Statements
Simple – if
If – else
If – elif –
Looping Statements
While loop
While --- else
For loop
Using range() in for loop
Break statement
Continue statement
Pass statement

Introduction to collections
Collections Indexing and Slicing
Functions for all collections
Iterating through a collections
Operators and keywords for collections
Difference between list, tuple and set
Sorting collections

Defining a function
Calling a function
Function Parameters
Types of arguments
Return statement in functions
Handling return values
Global and local variables
Call by value
Call by reference
Passing collection to a functions
Lambda functions/ anonymous functions
Passing functions to function
Filter() and map() functions

What is module
Types of modules
The import statement
Module aliases/ renaming a module
From .. Import
Reloading a module
Working with pre-defined Standard modules (Math, Datetime, Os, Sys, String….)

What is Exception?
Need of exception handling
Predefined exceptions
Predefined exceptions hierarchy
Try, except and finally clauses
Named except block
Default except block
Handling multiple exceptions
Nested try, except and finally blocks
User defined Exceptions

Introduction to OOPs programming
Defining classes
Creating objects
Defining methods
Objects reference count
Objects garbage collection
Types of inheritances
Super() statement
Data hiding
Custom exception classes
Inner classes
Regular Expressions
Simple character matches
Special Characters
Character Classes
Forming regular expressions
Greedy matches
Compiling regular expressions
Match objects
Match(), Search() and Sub() functions
Splitting of string
Replacing text

Installation of mysql database
Creating databases in mysql
Creating users and assigning privileges to the users in mysql
Installation of mysql python modules
Establishing connection with mysql
Closing mysql database connections
Execution of insert, update, delete and select queries
Handling db errors

Python Iterator
Python Generator
Python Closure
Python Decorators
Web Scraping
Installation of external modules using PIP
Working with JSON files
Test cases implementations
Working with OpenCv
Face detection system using OpenCv and Python
Text to speech convertor in Python


Softpro’s Python with Data Science Professional Certificate


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